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Менеджер по роботі з клієнтами (sales)

21 травня 2018 20:15

Konotop, office job

Skills required:

— sales experience in IT (web development, outsourcing);

— performing well while contract negotiating;

— knowing of Linkedin & Upwork;

— ability to apply CRM at work;

— Intermediate & Upper English;

— attentive and polite;

— decent and punctual;

— focused on the outcome;

— perfect business writing skills;

— higher educational background.

We treat as an advantage if you are:

— positive, with a keen sense of humour;

— fond of sport or music.

We propose:

— comfortable office in the city center;

— professional development and growth;

— 1 month internship;

— performance-based bonuses;

— active team rest;

— tea, coffee, cookies, cakes and lounge area just for you.

— salary starting with 250$+%.


— client search, client data developing;

— project budget pre-estimation;

— completing commercial proposals;

— leading a dialogue with a typical 'answers-questions’ list;

— projects and plans development to boost the efficiency of sales department;

— meeting the demands of sales plan.

About the project We are outsourcing company dealing with a variety of web development projects. We’ve been for more than 3 years in the field. We comprise both fundamental approach and new technologies. We propose competitive job in IT field, friendly team and perfect opportunity for financial and career growth together with our company.

CV ---> site:

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